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Atosa dominates the commercial kitchen equipment scene with a focus on ice machines and refrigeration. The name “Atosa” means “beautiful body” in Farsi, reflecting their commitment to aesthetically pleasing, high-quality cold and hot holding, and cooking equipment for foodservice operators. Their product range spans ice machines, refrigeration, food safe lockers, food prep equipment, heavy cooking equipment, warming cabinets, sinks, tables, and more. In the realm of commercial cooking equipment, Atosa shines with heavy-duty charbroilers featuring stainless steel components, reversible cast iron grates, and durability for tough cooking. Their commercial deep fryers boast welded stainless steel tanks, high-quality thermostat controls, and an oil cooling zone at the tank’s bottom for prolonged oil life. Explore the robust and high-quality Atosa product line for top-of-the-line kitchen solutions.

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