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John Boos & Co. stands as a leading manufacturer in the foodservice and food retail industries, maintaining its premier status. Established in 1887 as a craftsman of butcher blocks, John Boos transitioned into stainless steel table production in the mid-1960s, responding promptly to evolving market demands. The expansion of its stainless steel fabricated table business has been continuous. The company’s stainless steel sector, encompassing a diverse range of products, including custom fabrication, experiences ongoing growth. By harmonizing the disciplines of stainless steel fabrication and woodworking, the company produces a distinctive line of commercial-grade mobile carts, baker’s stations, and work tables featuring handcrafted butcher block tops and professional stainless steel bases. John Boos & Co. stands alone as the sole U.S. company with both on-site stainless steel and wood manufacturing facilities, renowned for its commitment to delivering high-quality products.

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