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Watts Brands actively leads the competition in manufacturing and distributing foodservice solutions. Within the industry, Watts owns the Dormont brand, which commands an equally high level of respect. Dormont actively innovates and manufactures top-tier stainless steel gas connectors, widely utilized by foodservice operators nationwide. With over 70 years in business, Dormont has accumulated extensive industry knowledge, contributing to its prominent position in the foodservice sector. Dormont’s gas hoses boast a track record of over 160 million safe installations worldwide, instilling confidence in the brand. They unmistakably establish the benchmark in commercial gas safety. Proudly producing thousands of gas hoses and accessories, from gas pressure regulators to steam connectors and valves, Dormont offers comprehensive foodservice gas solutions. As a part of the Watts family, Dormont prioritizes growth, commercial excellence, operational proficiency, and performance to deliver optimal services

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